Welcome to Steinacherhof

Steinacherhof Postkarte 

Our agriculture lies at the foot of the ski mountain Gerlitzen, completely near the Klösterle-cable railway (Gerlitzen-north departure), in wonderful municipality Arriach.

The court lies at 1016-m lake height, the company magnitude amounts to approx. 11 ha of agricultural usable area and 31 ha of wood. In addition, we pursue meadowland economy with connected cattle posture.

On grounds of one in the Carinthian land museum archvierterm document the court was mentioned since the 11th May, 1448 first in a document. The production of agricultural products was not only in the past a task of the agriculture, but has won in the today's time still in meaning. Many on our farm won products are processed at the court to Specialties. By the processing of the agricultural products we totally renounce chemical additions. Since 2002, we sell our products in the farm shop and in 2003 came the serving in the tavern to. Since 2007 the root park on the Steinacherhof was moved or every year new Attractions was established anew and pleases itself.

With your visit in the Buschenschenke and the purchase court store you meet in addition with which also find furthermore a cultivated scenery and protect the continuity of our court.

We Thank to you for this call in on our website and please us about your visit at the court or in the root park.

Erich and Gerda