Terms and conditions

Steinacherhof Postkarte

Business and Terms of Use Wurzelpark Arriach Gerlitzen!

1.) Upon entry into the root park, they accept the terms and conditions of use of the root park and the quiz trail.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you will be refunded the entry fee (except for entry with Kärnten Card)

2.) there is no charge on account of bad weather or when or by individual out-of-service facilities.

3.) There is no charge for clothes that have become wet or dirty.

4.) The climbing of wooden artifacts is strictly forbidden! Danger of overturning, slipping or supporting!

5.) Use of the rope swing is permitted only under the supervision of the parents, for persons below a body size of 130 cm is prohibited.

6.) The maximum load capacity of the rope swing is 130 kg. The use of the rope swing by several persons at the same time is prohibited, as well as the users are liable in case of fall themselves or their parents!

 7.) The use of the water playground is only permitted under the supervision of the parents.

8.) We also point out that the root park is located on natural terrain and there are a lot of uneven and slippery places where special caution is offered and liability is excluded.

9.) No liability is assumed for consequences of injuries or impairments caused by fall, slipping, dropping of branches or stones as well as injuries caused by outstanding stumps of branches!

10.) In the event of a thunderstorm or storm, you must leave the root park immediately!

 11.) Parents liable for children!

 12.) Court of Villach